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2021 in Review

Here is an incomplete - yet still very impressive - synopsis of the climate achievements of 2021. Climate Reality Project advocated for most of the Capital Region, NYC, & NYS successes with our partners and actively lobbied all of our US Representatives and Senators on the federal infrastructure bill.

There’s still plenty to do, but we have great momentum!



  • Astoria NRG power plant expansion stopped

  • Gowanus power plant expansion plans cancelled by developer

  • Intro 2317: NYC becomes largest city in the world to ban the use of methane gas in most new buildings

  • NYC Pensions completed the divestment of $3 Billion from fossil fuels

  • NYC commits to have all electric school buses by 2035


  • Danskammer (Newburgh) power plant expansion stopped

  • Styrofoam ban extended from NYC to NYS from January 1

  • NYS voters approved an amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing citizens “Clean Air, Water, and a Healthful Environment”

  • The Environmental Bond Act was approved for public referendum. If voters approve, it will provide $4 Billion for the environment in New York.

  • S2758: 100% of new passenger cars and trucks sold in NYS will be zero-emissions vehicles by 2035

  • Gov. Hochul announces program to deploy more than 50,000 EV charging ports in NY. 10x more than today.

  • S2936: prohibits the use of dirty, grade 6 heating oils (bunker fuel)

  • S4095B: prohibits the use of coal tar paving sealant 

  • S5082: prohibits the use of tiny plastic toiletry bottles in hotels

  • S841: reduces emissions from petroleum bulk storage containers

  • S6532A: permits kelp cultivation in Peconic and Gardiners Bays. Kelp absorbs nitrogen, which contributes to ocean “dead zones”

  • S2997: stops homeowner’s associations from banning solar panels within their communities

  • S6189: allows the formation of community choice aggregation programs on Long Island

  • A4328: designates state geologic trails

  • S4094: study to find alternative municipal uses for recycled glass

  • Stopped an anti-wind power law promulgated by George Borrello

  • Stopped the Cohoes cement factory from burning tire derived fuels which would have put toxic chemicals into the air in an environmental justice area


  • US rejoined Paris Agreement

  • Infrastructure Bill funds $66Bn for railways, $39Bn for public transport, $15Bn for electric vehicles, $65Bn for power infrastructure, $21Bn for cleaning up abandoned wells, mines and Superfund sites and $47Bn for adaptation and resiliency funding.

  • Executive order puts the government’s $650Bn purchasing power behind transforming the economy by requiring the US government buy EVs, source renewable energy and use sustainable materials.

  • The EPA issued the strongest vehicle emissions rules ever that require that new vehicles average 55 mpg by 2026, up from 38 today.

  • Biden Administration approves the South Fork Wind Project, kick starting the offshore wind revolution on the East Coast that was stalled for the past four years. 

  • Keystone XL, PennEast, Byhalia, Atlantic Coast & Dakota Access pipelines as well as the Millennium Coal Terminal were all stopped or cancelled.

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